SMS Marketing For Real Estate: Definitive Guide[2020]

Selling a house now become a very difficult task for many real estate agents. In this highly digital word, direct marketing techniques are highly beneficial to stay ahead of the competition and to reach potential customers. For highly competitive era like real estate, SMS marketing is recommendable technique to promote your business. Many people think Text marketing is not an effective technique but for the real estate it is simple tool. Tool that can be helpful for promotion and advertisement of your real estate business. With economic downfall and housing crises it is very difficult to sell even a single house. Highly populous countries required more properties and alternatively places to live, real estate business is very profitable at that type of countries.

In the previous time real estate agent advertised there offers on local newspaper. However, now real estate agents move on toward some effective digital marketing techniques. SMS Marketing is one of these effective marketing techniques, that provide about 90% more profitable results then any other technique.

 SMS Marketing analysis

About 95% of population of the word have there own personal mobile phone. For any business if you choose to send bulk of advertising message to these mobile phone numbers, it will be effective to grab the potential customers attention. Although, text messaging is an outdated technique but it is cost effective technique and for real estate, SMS Marketing is an ideal one.

Real Estate SMS/Text Message Marketing:

Whenever we talk about SMS Marketing for real estate you should relate all the about data with your own real estate business, it will help you up to grow your business. Remaining all marketing techniques are also useful, you should check for all and then go forward for the one that is providing more profitable results. For a real estate business, traditional way of marketing require more time, cost and efforts. While in using SMS Marketing technique will overcome all these overhead.

According to study, about 80% people see phone within first 5 minutes of any notification beep, 30% people took there phones in there hands while they are walking. Similarly, about 65% people keep there phones besides while sleeping. All these calculations shows that mobile phone become the mandatory part of people lives. If a real estate business send there advertisement and promotional message by there brand name, it will help them to promote there business name as well as increase there potential customer. It is most effective and economical way of communication. Large ratio of home/property buyer prefer any  informational data from real estate agent to be send by sms rather then call or by email. To do SMS Marketing first of all you need SMS Marketing data that should be helpful to all real estate agents.

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How SMS Marketing works for Real Estate?

Although SMS Marketing seems as outdated and old technique but it provide more  profitable results in various field and real estate is one of them. Text message marketing is most effective way to target the leads. For a realtor, it will be more beneficial in term of making appointment faster, advertise your brand and share your listing. You can integrate your real estate marketing strategies with SMS Marketing strategies, it will helpful to engage your customer through real state SMS.  You may know some feature for real estate SMS Marketing:


To start SMS Marketing you must have a keyword that should be unique, readable and easy to remember. A keyword is actually a word through which a customer can send you a relevant text. You can simply setup a message on your keyword whenever, a customer send any SMS on your keyword automatically it will respond to that particular customer.

Let suppose you set a keyword for a particular property say “luxurious home 1”. As soon as customer click on this particular keyword he/she will get all details regarding that house via SMS.

Brand Short Codes:

For SMS Marketing you can choose your brand’s SMS shortcode. That shortcode will help you to send any SMS or MMS to your chosen clients. These shortcodes are of 5 to 6 digits name as “Branded SMS”.

Let say the brand code for any particular real estate business is 41010.

Automated Response:

Automated response is the auto reply that you have to set on your particular keyword for particular property. You should set keywords for each property you set for sale and when a customer try to know about any property your automated response tool send all relevant data regarding property to that client.

Automated response SMS could be of any type:

  • New Property
  • Price Update
  • Thank you message
  • Greetings SMS
  • Any offer detail etc.

Bulk SMS Sending:

Whenever, you found large number of your loyal customer you can send bulk SMS to all these customers simultaneously. For Bulk SMS sending campaign you should use particular software that enable you to send large data on large numbers. You just have to customize an SMS and set a database of your clients and by single click you can send data to entire list.

MMS Setting:

MMS stands for “Multimedia Messaging Service”. It cause very high impact when a real estate agent send MMS with text detail of particular property. Visual data always appeal to customers and they try to explore things more attentively. Once, you grab the attention of your client it will be very easy for you to pursue him/her for further procedure.

Texting Software’s For Real Estate:

After finding your loyal customer contact database for marketing  next step is to forward this data to these customers. There are many marketing tools that help businesses to send there huge data to many clients at the same time. You can check our other articles where we have provide certain information for contact database and marketing tools as well.

SMS Marketing tools will help you to:

  • Set one on one conversation regarding property with loyal customers
  • Bulk SMS sending
  • Grab customer attention by using more effective data to send etc.

Key Factors you Should Add in your Real Estate Marketing SMS:

However, you can customize your marketing sms as per your need. But, still there are some points that must you take in notice while customizing an SMS.

real estate sms marketing

Some important noticeable points in SMS are:

  • Address of your real estate business office
  • Profile of your business
  • Size of text (about 150-160 words)
  • price of certain property
  • visual content (home for sale images)
  • contact information of your office
  • Link to google map of property location
  • Link to your website

Example SMS for Real Estate SMS Marketing

There i have added some example SMS that may help you:

  • Hi “clients first name” ..! Thank you for you interest. Kindly let me know when you will be free for further details discussion for property.

Your or Business name

  • Dear “Clients first name”..! Is this Tuesday will be best for visit to the house i have chosen for you?

Your or Business name

Benefits of SMS Marketing in Real Estate:

Here i will mention some benefits of SMS Marketing in real estate business:

Every One have Cell phone:

About 90% of people of total population of word have there personal mobile phone. Personal mobile phone availability provide higher ease to companies to access there clients. If you notice it is not possible for every one to have internet in there cell phone(need for email marketing) or  not every one receive each call of the day but SMS is the one that is out of bound to all these limitation. SMS open rate is highly effective factor in SMS marketing.

Sudden Attraction of Buyers:

Highly customize and to the point content always attract loyal and serious clients. When you add informational content with some visual content in your SMS client will automatically redirect towards you.

Low Time Consumption:

One click means Send to All. You don’t have to send SMS to individual client one by one rather by using effective tools you can save your time and cost by just only one click.

Rental Management By SMS  Marketing:

If an agent have some sort of rental properties, then it will be again more effective to him/her to use SMS Marketing. If there is any kind of issue in certain area agent just have to set one SMS and send all of clients in certain region. Similarly, in order to collect rent he/she just have to customize one reminder message.

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