USA Cell Phone Numbers Fresh Database List for Marketing

USA cell phone numbers database/mobile phone numbers list can help you in promoting your brand in targeted states or areas of the US. The best way to promote your business at a very low cost is SMS marketing.  If you have the best leads with you which are fully targeting the area you want to promote in; is just like a gold mine.

We are providing active and fresh mobile numbers databases from all over the world at a very reasonable price. Where you can order by states, categories, and gender base leads from any state of the US.

Where you can use this cell phone number database from the US?

You can use this list mobile phone numbers database for SMS Marketing (text marketing), Telemarketing, and selling these lists as a reseller. If your call center or individual wants to do text marketing this database will help you in growing your business to the next level of success.

It is almost free to do marketing using these numbers as compared to other digital marketing methods where you need to spend a huge amount of funds to run ads.

Why text marketing/telemarketing is more result orientated?

Text marketing is only effective for your business or marketing campaign if you target the right audience or leads. As if you have bad leads for marketing then it is just like shooting messages in ghost towns. Once you get a targeted numbers list then it wins & wins situation for your campaign and you will get more results.

Text marketing in the US is cheaper (low cost) than any other marketing technique. Facebook and Google ads cost very expensive and have low conversion rates.

What will you get in this pack?

In this pack of databases, you will get a 25 million active US cell phone numbers list along with the 3 best SMS marketing software which will help you in kick-starting your text marketing campaign.

It will cost you 500$ for 25 Million active US numbers list with free 3 marketing tools worth 2750$.

Buy US Cell phone Numbers Database:

You can get 25 million active USA Mobile phone numbers database in very low price. It will cost you only 500$ for 25$ fully active and verified data from US. You will also get Free marketing tools to send out bulk text messages to these leads.

Best deal on internet is this one to grab fully verified and validated data from US in this price. You will get awesome results from this database and get more sales for you business.

USA All States Mobile Phone Numbers Database for marketing:

Database we are offering contains all the states of the USA. Which means every state in USA have its own database of mobile numbers in the file. Where you can easily fetch data by targeted state or region of the America. This file includes 50 folders where each folder have cell phone numbers from one of the USA state.

You will get 500K Numbers from each state from this database of 25 Million active USA Cell Phone numbers. Which means you have flexibility to select between different states of US.

How to get 25 Million Active and Verified Mobile numbers list?

You need to place your order using this email: from where you will get payment details of your order to place. Once you made payment for the order you just need to provide screenshot of you transaction.

Once your order confirmed than you will get database file of 25 million mobile numbers list on the same email which you used for contacting us. File includes 25 Million active cell phone numbers along with 3 marketing software.