Alternative of Verizon Message Plus for SMS Marketing

Verizon is start making issues on MacOS too and make it harder to use message plus app for bulk messages. Which mean the only way of low cost text marketing is now more hard then past. So everyone is looking for alternative for Verizon message+ app.

You may face this issue, like when your sending bulk messages using Verizon it is automatically closing or crashing the app while sending the messages.

Verizon Message Plus app is crashing while sending bulk messages on mac. Because when we send bulk message it generate too many requests on same time. And which make issues in synchronizing and results in crashing the app.

Crashing can be fix by cleaning your macOS or restoring the system. But there is another issue which you may face these days. The issue is stop delivering after few messages and keep shows sending. Which it keep stuck on sending and not delivering messages to the numbers after few shots.

Message Plus app keep shows sending but not delivering after few shots. Because recently Verizon updated Messages+ app and make it’s spam detecting system more strong. It will automatically mark numbers as spam if it is sending repeated messages or URLs.


Alternative of Verizon Message+ App for Text marketing:

As after new updates Verizon make it hard for sending bulk message. Which mean you can’t do spamming(Marketing texts) as you do in past. Now it’s time to move from Verizon app to other sender which can help you in doing mass texting in USA or any other country.

Alternative of Verizon Message Plus for SMS Marketing

Here comes the a new sender called Universal Sender which can help you in text marketing in USA. This tool supports all countries and sim cards.  Which means you can use it with any sim like AT&T, T-Mobile, Boost, Verizon and other network carriers.


Universal Sender is bit expensive from the Verizon Sender and working on windows only. You can send like 50k to 100k messages per day using Universal Sender. It will help you in promoting offers, products, website, stores and URLs.

Details about the tool and pricing:

Universal Sender is best alternative of Verizon Message Plus app for sending bulk messages in USA. It will allow you to run your campaign using any sim card and country. Which mean you can use it outside of USA.

  • Working on Windows
  • 50k to 100k Messages per day
  • Support all countries
  • Support all Sim cards
  • No need of VPN

Another amazing feature of this tool is you don’t need a VPN or Proxy to connect with any sim. Also you don’t need sim physically with you to use.

Pricing and Versions:

There are two versions of Universal Sender and it’s on you which one you need to use.

Basic Version:

This version cost you 300$ for one system with life time activation key. Which mean you can only run the sender on one system and it will stay with you on that system for life time.

Reseller Version:

Reseller Version is for the users who are running call centers/service providers. Where you can use it on unlimited systems. It will cost you 1200$ for Reseller version. Which come with lifetime activation with unlimited devices. You can sell it to other users too.

Payment Methods and Contact details:

Following are the Payment methods currently available for placing your orders for the universal sender:

  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer
  • BTC
  • Perfect Money

Following are the contact details where you can contact for placing orders for this tool:

Telegram: Sanaaullah72 | Email:

If you have any query related to Universal Sender you can contact me anytime using the above contact details.