Textnow Bulk Sender for SMS Marketing – Mass Sending with Textnow

Textnow is phone number providing service which can be use for sending free text messages to US. Textnow allow it’s users to use free account to send messages to different parts of the world.

You can get free Textnow number by signing up on the website or mobile app. Once you create a account on Textnow you will get a free US number which you can use for making calls and texts.

Textnow can be use a tool of mass sending by using a third party automation software. Which will auto type numbers and messages. Then send them using Textnow accounts for free. Once it send few messages from one profile then it will switch to other profile and keep repeating the process until you list is finished.

This tools is best for sending bulk messages using Textnow accounts for free in the US. You just need to provide few things to start text now automation. One is your list of number and second is the message content you want to send.

How to avoid getting ban by Textnow?

To avoid getting banned by the Textnow you need to follow these step while sending.

  • Use Multiple Textnow Accounts
  • Use more than 5 version of your text content
  • Keep changing your accounts while sending¬†
  • Make sure your using USA IPs while sending¬†

Multiple profile bulk sender for Textnow:

Textnow multi accounts bulk sender is best for sending free and bulk messages to the USA. You just need a windows PC and bulk accounts of Textnow for sending out your text messages.

Videos demo of the Textnow Bulk Sender for multi profiles:

Here is a basic demo video of the tool, where it is automatically sending messages and switching b/w TextNow profiles. You can use Images/Text or URL to send out to your targeted list of contacts.

Hope you understand basic functionality of the tool. Once you order for the tool and get step files you will also get technical support for the tool.
Pricing and Versions of the tool:

This tool will cost you 250$ for basic version which support 3 devices and 500$ for unlimited Systems. Both version of the tool comes with life-time activation and complete technical support for 6 month.

To place your order for Textnow bulk sender you need to contact me on Telegram. Will get instant response to your queries related to this tool.

Use contact details below to place your order for the tool and also provide your required version.
Telegram: Sanaaullah72 | Email: info@smsmarketingdata.com

FAQs Related to Textnow App and Accounts:

Dose Textnow Receive Text/SMS?
Yes, Text now do receive the text messages and you can reply to those messages using Textnow number.

Dose Textnow receive phone calls too?
Yes, You can receive phone calls and make phone calls using same Textnow Accounts without any issue.

How to avoid losing Textnow Number?
To keep you number of Textnow Free account. You need to make one message or call every 2 weeks. Otherwise your number will be allocated to some other user on there site. So, make sure texting or calling within each 14 days gap to stay with same number. If your using paid version of the Textnow then your number will not allot to any other user until your subscription is not ended.

How to Fix Textnow Login and Captcha Verification Error?

This error come mainly by 2 reasons and can be fix easily. 1st if your using Textnow from out side of the USA and 2nd is your using too many accounts from one IP. If you face this issue where you enter valid logs and still not able to login your Textnow account. Then you need to get a premium US based IP/Proxy. Don’t use already burned or shared IPs.

This is how you can fix login issue of the active account. But if your account is terminated by the Textnow System then you cant login even you using paid IP. In that case you need to create new Textnow Account for sending free text messages to USA.

Free Account vs Prepaid SIM Cards By Textnow:

You can create free account and get free US number from Textnow website or App. If you need a paid sim card too then you can order from their website for the prepaid sim card. Paid version comes with fix number and can be use inside phone as physical and E-Sim.

Will TextNow work without Wi-Fi?

Textnow can or cant be use with or without Wi-Fi. Its depends upon which type of TextNow connection you have and where you live. If you have physical sim card of the Textnow then you can use it without WIFI or Internet. But if you have e-sim or Free account of Textnow app than you need to a internet connection to use it.

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