Norway Mobile Phone Numbers List for SMS Marketing 2022

If you’re looking for Mobile Phone Numbers List from Norway. Then you’re on the right website and here you will get 1 Million active Mobile Phone numbers list from Norway. I am providing active cell phone numbers list from all major cities of Norway.

SMS Marketing is one of the bests marketing methodologies in 2022to promote business and products at a low cost. This kind of marketing also helps you in reaching a massive audience in limited time with great results. No one can beat SMS marketing in conversion rate + opening rate.

Norway Mobile Phone Numbers List for SMS Marketing 2020

The study shows an average cell phone user checks his phone at least 13 times a day. Where the open rate for SMS (Text messages) is 89% and it indicated that we have more conversions from SMS marketing compare to any other strategy.

How these leads from Norway can help your business?

As I discuss the open rate and conversion rate of text message marketing already. Let move on to other factors that will make these leads 1st choice for marketing. I am providing 5 Best SMS marketing tools free with these leads. These 5 Tools help you in sending unlimited free bulk SMS in Norway, which means there is no cost in sending messages and everything is automated and ready to go with one click.

On the other hand when you use other marketing methods like Facebook ads, Email Marketing and Google ads. it will cost you very high and take more time in showing results. Hard to understand and you have to target everything by yourself which is hard for the nontechnical guys.

So, by purchasing these leads you have full control over your marketing and time + cost of the promotion. You can even use WhatsApp marketing tool for sending worldwide messages without cost.

Get 1 Million Active mobile phone numbers database from Norway:

You will get 100,0000 active cell phone numbers list which contains numbers from all over the country. 45 to 79 percent response rate and help you in selling products in all major cities of Norway. This database is designed for SMS Marketing in Norway. You can also order targeted Mobile Phone Numbers database from any city of Norway.

Cell Phone numbers order contains the following elements inside the package of 150$:

  • Fresh Mobile Phone Numbers from Norway
  • 1 Million Leads
  • Active and responsive leads
  • Excel, Text and CSV Format
  • Free 5 Marketing tools [Worth 1500$]

Pricing of the package:

The basic price of the data is 100$ for 1 million data with 5 SMS Marketing tools free. If you want to target any specific city then 50$ extra will be charged.

Product Phone Numbers Database
Price 100$
Extra 5 Best Bulk SMS Sending Software
Author Sanaa Ullah


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What is the location of Phone Numbers?
I am Providing Phone numbers lists from your desired location. Which means you can get phone numbers from any states or city.

Are you Providing data for other countries?
Yes, I am providing Phone numbers databases from all countries. Which means you can get data from any country you want.

Do you have any discount or promo codes?
Yes, we are offering a 25% to 50% discount to our returning buyers.

Do you provide any other information with numbers?
I am only providing Phone Number List.

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