USA Cell Phone numbers to email version converter for all network providers for smtp bulk sending

How to use Cell phone to email Converter?

Mobile Numbers to email converter help you in converting your lists to any network email address for sending bulk messages using smtp. This tool will help you to convert any network cell phone numbers list to mails by using provided prefix by the network provider.

You can watch this video tutorial to understand how the cell phone number to email converter works. It is working for all devices and responsive to mobile devices too.



Email to Cell phone Texting using SMTP:

Email servers can be use for sending bulk messages  using cell phone numbers mail version. You can send unlimited text messages using these webmail servers where you can get reply to the emails and delivery report of each message you sent using your email.

SMTP texting is currently hyped in the market and most of the promoters and text marketers are using this technique to get awesome results. This Free tool is dedicated to all those new and experience tele marketers who are looking for cost effective way of promoting there message contents.

How to send email to text using SMTP:

To send unlimited email to text messages you need a webmail host which provides unlimited emails per day. Than you need to create multiple webmail accounts to avoid getting ban if you use only one for sending mail to text.  Once your setup is ready to send now it’s time to import the list of numbers which you converted to emails using this tool.

Import all emails your webmail contact/to field and write your message content inside the body of mail. Than tick on delivery reports for getting details of each mail to text. After all these settings just hit Send and it will start sending message to those numbers which you converted in email format.

All US Cell phone carriers email format for sending mail to text using an email server:

Below is the complete list of prefixes which can be use for mail to text to any targeted cell phone network. You can use above converter to convert cell phone to mail for bulk conversion.

Carrier Format
Boost Mobile
Consumer Cellular
Google Fi (Project Fi)
Metro PCS
Mint Mobile
Page Plus
Republic Wireless
Simple Mobile
TracFone [MMS Only]
U.S. Cellular
Virgin Mobile
Xfinity Mobile

How to send mail to text using Verizon numbers

You can send mail to text any Verizon number just adding the email prefix of the network provider. For Verizon we use “” as email prefix to send email on Verizon cell phone number. It will deliver to the person who is using that number on his mobile phone.

Example of this prefix can be like this “” you just need to add cell phone number before the email prefix of Verizon and all done.

How to send mail to text on T-Mobile numbers

To send email to text with T-Mobile we just need to use the provided email prefix by the network provider. For T-Mobile you can use following prefix to send an email to a text number: ““.

It should be look like this “”. Where before “@” you need to add the number on which you want to send email and after “@” provider email prefix you want to use.

Send email to text: AT&T cell phone numbers

It is very easy to send an email to text to a AT&T mobile phone number. You just need to add email prefix of AT&T at the end of cell phone number you want to text on.

Email prefix of AT&T is “” which you can use for sending mail on and it will deliver to cell phone of the users. Here is the format you will use for sending an email to text while targeting AT&T numbers: