How to Send Out Bulk Text Messages Using Email to Text Method

Bulk text messaging via email is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations to communicate en masse with their audience. This method combines the efficiency of email with the direct reach of SMS, providing a unique solution for mass communication.

Understanding Email-to-Text Messaging

Email-to-text messaging involves sending emails to a phone number, which are then converted into SMS messages. This method requires knowing the recipient’s phone number and their carrier’s specific email format for text messaging.

Step-by-Step Guide for Sending Bulk Texts via Email

Collecting Recipient Information

Gather the phone numbers and associated carriers of your intended recipients. This information is crucial for ensuring message delivery.

Choosing the Right Email Platform

Select an email platform that supports bulk emailing. Platforms like Mailchimp, SendGrid, or even Outlook and Gmail can be used, depending on the scale of your messaging.

Formatting Your Message

Compose your message with the understanding that it will be converted into an SMS. Keep it concise and clear, adhering to character limits typical in text messaging.

Sending the Bulk Text

Use the collected phone numbers and carrier information to create email addresses for your text messages (e.g., Then, send your email to these addresses in bulk.

Best Practices for Bulk Text Messaging

  • Personalization: Tailor messages to increase engagement.
  • Timing: Consider the best time to send messages for maximum impact.
  • Consent: Always have recipients’ consent to receive messages.

Addressing Common Challenges and Solutions

Discuss common issues like delivery failures, character limits, and strategies to overcome these challenges.

Legal Considerations and Compliance

Highlight the importance of complying with regulations like the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and obtaining consent from recipients before sending bulk messages.


Bulk text messaging via email is an effective communication strategy when done correctly. By following these guidelines, organizations can leverage this method for impactful communication.


  • Q: What is the character limit for text messages sent via email?
  • A: Typically, SMS messages are limited to 160 characters.