Step by Step WhatsApp Marketing Guide [WhatsApp Bulk Sender 2020]

WhatsApp marketing is the second more impacting strategy after SMS Marketing. In 2020 Whatsapp has almost 1.5 billion monthly active users. Which means users own by the WhatsApp 29% percent of the world population. 95 out of 100 smartphone users have installed this app.

Whatsapp is the fastest-growing text messaging app and has a huge amount of active users. This means we can target this amount of users for promoting our products without any extra costs. As WhatsApp is free for a lifetime and we can send unlimited free messages.

You can target any country for marketing, Even if your not the citizen of that country or don’t own a cell number from that country. WhatsApp makes this thing easier and allows you to send free messages anywhere in the world.

Today, in this post you will learn about how to do WhatsApp Marketing and make it more impactable for your business. Also, I will cover the Pros and Cons of WhatsApp marketing. Suggest you Best Software for WhatsApp marketing and bulk sender.

Without further delays let’s dive in and learn about WhatsApp Marketing 🙂 

Ultimate Step by Step WhatsApp Marketing Guide:

WhatsApp is one of the popular social media app, which is being used all over the world. WhatsApp allows its users to send text, voice, images and video messages. Even users call make free audio and video calls through this application. You can do all this stuff without any charges, what you need is a good internet connection.

Ultimate Step by Step WhatsApp Marketing Guide

I think the above content is enough for the WhatsApp introduction. Now I am moving towards all the steps you need to take for WhatsApp Marketing.

WhatsApp Installation:

Install WhatsApp from Google Play Store and create your WhatsApp Account. Do not use your private cell phone number for marketing purposes. Make sure you’re using a business number or non-personal number. Because in case WhatsApp blocks your account you don’t lose any of your personal contacts.

Now verify your Phone number with WhatsApp and Update your profile. Make sure your profile represents your business. So, Update your profile carefully. Once you’re done with Profile creation simply move on to our next step.

WhatsApp Bulk Sender Software Installation:

In this post, I am using WhatsApp Sender Pro you can use any other software if you have. Open the step file of the software and install it into your computer, laptop or tab. Once your software is installed then you are ready to start the campaign. You can watch the video below, Like this video is not in English but you still can understand how I install the tool in the video.

The above video contains everything like Installation, Overview and Using method. I think you better know now how this tool works and how much option this tool offers to its users.

How to Setup Your Very 1st Campaign?

Now after installation of the WhatsApp Bulk Sender, we ready to start. Now 1st of all we need a clean contacts list of WhatsApp numbers. Which we are targeting. Import the list into your software and check everything ok with the list. Don’t forget to add Country code with each number. The software will only work when you add phone numbers with country code.

Now write your text and with URL, image, audio or video file. You can add all media files and URLs with a single message. Then set the delay b/w the messages. I will suggest you add 5 seconds gap between each message to avoid account suspension.

Star sending messages: 

Now it’s time to hit the send button and start the campaign. Make sure everything is accurate and have zero mistakes in the list + Text of message. Once you check everything then connect your WhatsApp account with the tool using a QR code scanner.

Now click on the start button and here we go now …  Bulk sender start sending message to each number one by one.

Now sit tight and order some pizza + drink. Your campaign is now alive and your message is being delivered to your provided list. At the end of this campaign, you will get a complete report which includes everything like delivery reports.

So, this about how you can run a smooth and effective Whatsapp Marketing Campaign for your Business!

Advantages of using WhatsApp for Marketing:

If we talk about the benefits of using WhatsApp marketing to promote our brand. Then you will find lot of best things about this approach which you can’t imagine with any other marketing technique.

  • Free for All countries
  • Highest opening rate
  • Automated
  • Delivery reports
  • Support Media files

I hope you get a clear idea of how WhatsApp marketing works in 2020. I am also hoping, for now, you can do this by your self.