How to use Google Voice for sending bulk text message to the USA

Google Voice is phone number service by Google. Which provide a USA based virtual phone number for free calls and text inside the USA. It can help you in sending and receiving text messages in the USA. Also Allow you to make calls and get calls on same number which provided by the Google Voice.

As Above I mentioned that Google Voice is free to use for sending messages. That open ways of sending bulk messages using this same service.

How to use Google Voice for bulk texting?

As you know there are many services which provides USA based numbers for texting and calling. But google voice is more reliable in those services because it is a free to use service. You can send free text messages to USA.

To send bulk messages using GV, you may need bulk Google Voice numbers to do this. As if you send bulk message from only one account that can cause you in getting banned by the Google. So, you need at least 20 to 40 accounts for using this service to send bulk SMS to the USA.

Video demo of Group and Single Google Voice Sender:

This software works with single and group messages as well. You can send unlimited group or single messages using this Google Voice Sender.

Single Sender demo video:

Group Sender demo video:


Google Voice multiple profiles sender:

This sender can help you in sending bulk text messages using multiple Google Voice accounts. Which avoid getting ban or other suspensions by the Google.

How sender operate multiple Google Voice Profile at once?

This tool is design to work with more than one Google Voice profiles which helps you in auto sending and rotating the accounts. Sender send few text messages from profile one and them move to other profile. It will auto change the text content of the message along with accounts.

Once it reach to last profile while sending and switching to next profile. It will went back to 1st profile and again. It will keep rotating the accounts and message until your list of numbers finished.

Key Features of the Sender:

  • Automated Sending
  • Multiple Profile Sender
  • Auto login
  • Group and single message
  • Life time activation
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Auto Skip Terminated Accounts

Pricing and costs for using Google Voice Sender:

Google Voice Sender comes with two versions. One is basic version which works on only 3 PCs. And other one is Unlimited version of the tool; Which Supports unlimited PCs. Both version activated for life time activation and 1 year technical support.

Price of basic version is 250$ and unlimited version is 500$. Works on Windows PCs only and Windows server based RDPs. It will auto login and logout accounts while sending.

How to get Google Voice Bulk Sender for windows:

To get this tool you can contact us using our email or telegram profile. All the contact details are motioned below. Our support is 24/7 and you will get instant replies on these contact information.

Telegram: Sanaaullah72 | Email:

If you need custom features to add in this sender, you can also request for those. If those changes are possible then we make sure will provide you sender with your mentioned  requirements.

Is there any macOS version for this sender?

Yes, there is a master version for mac but that one costs you 1200$ as it comes with source code of the software and you can make changes to that code if you have basic programming knowledge.

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