Google Voice Bulk Group and Message Sender

Google Voice can be the best SMS Marketing Solution if you have a bulk Sending software or tool. It can help us in Sending unlimited free SMS for our SMS Marketing campaigns.

Google Voice allows its users to send unlimited free SMS in the USA. This means you just need a Google Voice Number for sending free marketing SMS to targeted leads or clients.

Recently I created a complete SMS Marketing tool for Google Voice. Which you can use for automating your text message marketing. What you need is to enter your message and Phone numbers list.

Google Voice Bulk Group and Message Sender

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Google Voice Bulk Sender:

Google Voice Bulk Sender helps you in sending bulk messages for promoting your brands all around the USA for free. SMS Marketing helps you in Growing your brand fast than any other marketing strategy.

How does this tool work?

Enter your message and add a phone numbers list and it will start sending a bulk message to your phone number list. Auto-add 5-10 seconds gap to avoid chances of getting blocked by Google.

Google Voice Texter Demo Video:



The following are the key features of Google Voice Bulk Sender.

  • Single Messages
  • Group Messages
  • Bulk Sender
  • Fully Automated Tool
  • More than 1 accounts
  • Auto Phone Number Fecther
  • Text Swiper

Pricing information and order:

For ordering Google Voice Sender you need to click the “Order Now” button and you will redirect to another page. Where you need to add information and add your working email. After entering all the data you need to click on request for data. We will send you an email within the next 24  hours which include payment request. What you need to do is making payment of 250$ and after your payment, you will get another email which includes free gifts and Google Voice Sender.

Following are the contact details where you can contact for placing orders for this tool:

Telegram: Sanaaullah72 | Email:

Product Google Voice Sender
Price 250$
Extra 100k USA Numbers
Author Sanaa Ullah

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